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Troop Information

2016 BoyScout Requirements
Transitioning New Requirements 2016 (comparison and expanded from above)
Troop 39 Handbook and New Member Guide  (330k)  Troop 39 policies and procedures (updated 6/4/14)
Troop 39 Committee Guidebook  (260k)  Troop 39 committee operation guide (updated 6/4/14)
Troop Program Features (~8 MB) Common aspects for a Troop to incorporate into it's program as a BSA unit. (rev. 2012)
Merit Badge Counselors  (300k)  A list of all registered Troop 39 merit badge counselors (updated 8/6/2012)
Code of Conduct  (8.2k)  An agreement between a scout and his parents or guardian that he will abide by a code of conduct and that he will be held accountable for his actions.
Statement of Disciplinary Actions  (6.1k)  Used only when a scout violates the code of conduct.


PHILMONT Physical Form (PDF)   This is the PHILMONT Version of the National Form. You need 2 hard copy originals – turn them both into the Medical Records Officer. One will go into the Troop File, the other will go with us to PHILMONT. This is your Physical form for the year – you do not need the standard form
BSA Annual Health and Medical Record  These are to be completed least annually by participants in all Scouting events. This health history, parental/guardian informed consent and release agreement, and talent release statement are to be completed by the participant and parents/guardians.
BSA Annual Health and Medical Record - Part D  Required to be reviewed by all participants of a high-adventure program at one of the national high-adventure bases (Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, Summit) and shared with the examining health-care provider before completing Part C.
Medication Card   (4.0k)  Used for medication information. One is required for each medication that needs to be administered by a leader on a troop outing.
Emergency Medical Release & Permanent Permission Form  (24k)  Filled out once and remains in the troop files

Meeting Activity Planners

cultural awareness
emergency preparedness
first aid
high adventure
physical fitness
public service
special cooking
wilderness survival
wildlife management
winter camping

Resources For Upcoming Eagles

BSA Troop 39 - Eagle Project and App Info (names/addresses)
Eagle Project Workbook ( will open with instructions/links)
Eagle Scout candidates use this form to plan and execute their service project. NOTE: To get your project on the list to be reviewed by the Etowah Advancement Team, you must email your request by the
1st of the month to: (please copy/paste address, it is not linked to avoid spam)
 District Project Review Information (Council website)
 Eagle Information/Resources (Council website)
Safe Tool Usage By Age A guide for who can use what when planning your Eagle workdays
Eagle Reference Letter (rev 2013)


Grubmaster Expense Reimbursement Form   Used by Scouts and adults to request reimbursement for food purchases for outings. Receipts must be attached.
Shirt/Hoodie/Hat Order Form
Advancement Tracking Spreadsheet  (143k)  Used by Patrol Advisors to keep detailed records of each scouts advancement status through First Class. Tracks merit badges, scout skills and specific rank advancement requirements.
Online Resource Survey Form   Parental support of Troop 39's scouting program is important. Use this online form to tell us about your hobbies and skills. A leader will contact you once submitted.
Resource Survey Form  (5.9k)  New parents should fill out this survey noting special skills and hobbies.
Scouter’s Training Award for Boy Scouting  Progress Record for leaders training for earning Green Training Knot
Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review Request Form  (7.9k)  This should be completed one week in advance of the review so that there is time to confirm information and assign adult reviewers.  The form should be turned in to the Advancement Coordinator or to the Scoutmaster.  Scoutmaster Conferences will not be conducted on rank review nights.
Non-Registered Persons Permission Slip  (5.3k)  Required for anyone attending a troop activity that is not an officially registered scout or leader.
Emergency Medical Release & Permanent Permission Form  (24k)  Filled out once and remains in the troop files
Annual Health and Medical Record  (557k)  This new form replaces the Class 1, 2 & 3 forms and should be used immediately. This form became effective January 2011.
Medication Card   (4.0k)  Used for medication information. One is required for each medication that needs to be administered by a leader on a troop outing.
Expense Report  (5.2k)  Used to request reimbursement for troop related expenses. Receipts must be attached.
Tour Permit-Local  (444k)  Required for all local trips of less than 500 miles.
Tour Permit-Local-2008  (1.0M)  Online version of the paper local tour permit.
Transfer Form  (18k)  Used by scouts and leaders when transferring from one unit to another.
Troop Stationary  (194.5k)  Letterhead with contact information.
Leader Certificate Template  (88.5k)  Leader recognition certificate template.

Camping and Hiking

Camp Menu Planner  (253k)  Use this form to plan your patrols meals and shopping list.

Camp Duty Roster  (23.7k)  Use this form to prepare your patrols duty roster.

Camping & Backpacking Checklist  (31.0k)  A list of everything needed for a camping or backpacking trip.
Recommended Equipment List  (6.3k)  A list of recommended brands of equipment.
External Frame Specs  (249k)  How to fit, adjust and pack an external frame backpack (from Kelty)
Internal Frame Specs  (231k)  How to fit, adjust and pack an internal frame backpack (from Kelty)
Cold Weather Clothing for Camping & Hiking  (100k)  A tutorial on dressing for cold weather camping and hiking

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