ACN Affinity Fundraising Program

Thank you for considering support for the Matthews Troop 39 by allowing ACN to provide your communications services!

Order Phones / Services


Who is ACN?

ACN is the world's largest direct-selling telecommunications company with market presence in 23 countries, more than a million customers and annual revenues exceeding half a billion dollars! ACN provides customers with the telecommunications and essential services they already need and use every day, as well as the cutting-edge services of the future. Their website is


How does this work?

It's easy...a lot like partnering your child's school to your supermarket customer card. By becoming an ACN customer, you'll receive the same services you're using today form the same respected companies - at competitive market rates - and Matthews Troop 39 will directly benefit financially!


How does this help Troop 39?

You're paying for these services anyway: Things like telephone service, cell phones, satellite television, alarm systems, etc. If you buy them through ACN, Matthews Troop 39 will receive a percentage of your monthly billing from ACN for as long as you remain an ACN customer or for the term of your agreement. Your bill will not increase and in some cases may even be lower.


What do I do?

1. Go to the Matthews Troop 39/ACN website


2. Review the products you're interested in ordering: Digital Phone, Wireless, Local & Long Distance, Internet, Satellite TV or Home Security. Orders can be placed on line or by calling a toll free number on each product page. Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Transfer your existing service or order new digital home phone, standard local & long distance and internet services!

    • Yes, you can keep your current number if you are not moving.

    • You cannot be under contract for any services you wish to transfer.

    • Verify that the service is offered in your area by clicking "Availability & Rates."


  • Order new cell phones and service any time you are ready for a new phone!

    • ACN offers all the newest phones at wholesale prices!

    • ACN offers all types of contracts or even NO contract, no credit check programs.

    • You can even renew your current plan if you are at the end of your contract.


  • Cutting edge technology. ACN is one of the first providers of video phones.

    • For less than the cost of most land line phone services, you can see family and friends while you are talking to them.

    • Great gifts for grandparents, college students, adult siblings, etc.


  • Order new Satellite TV and Home Security services.

    • Existing contracts for these services cannot be renewed by ACN.


  • Order Computer Support Services including on-line technical support for any computer related device, anti-virus protection, and/or unlimited backup of your information through Carbonite®. Plans available for one or multiple computers.


  •  Friends and relatives who live in New York, Maryland, or Pennsylvania can purchase their gas and electric power through ACN and save money on their energy costs! This will be available in more areas soon.


  • Business Services. Do you or does someone you know own a business? ACN offers many of their cost saving services to businesses including digital telephone systems, satellite TV, computer support services, and energy (see States listed above).

3.  If at any time you are asked for a 'Team ID Number', simply enter 17500 for Matthews Troop 39.


4. Remember, ACN is an international company. Any of your friends or relatives anywhere in the USA and many other countries can help support your son's Scouting experience by ordering services through Troop 39's ACN website.


5. In review, either transfer your existing telephone and electronic services or order something new! ACN will take it from there. You'll receive the same great service, and Matthews Troop 39 will begin receiving direct financial contributions!


If you have any questions or need assistance transferring existing services or ordering new services, contact: Dan Schwarz ( or 704.323.9189) or Pam Rice (704.849.8181) at Blackstowne Services.


Note: You may have heard that ACN offers business opportunities. This is not part the of the Affinity program with Troop 39. If you have questions about becoming an ACN business owner, call or email Dan Schwarz directly.


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